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SMASH™ Genomic Assay, a proprietary test for detecting Copy Number Variation to identify young children at risk for autism.

Marvel Genomics™

Marvel Genomics P. B. C., Inc. was founded to identify young children at risk for autism, allowing early intervention for improved outcomes. Focused on genomic diagnostics, the company is dedicated to developing precise genetic tests including its proprietary, SMASH Genomic Assay for detecting Copy Number Variation to identify at risk children for autism as well as other genetic based diseases that can be successfully treated through early clinical intervention and therapy.

Marvel Genomics is a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory spinout company established to bring certain CSHL research discoveries and advances into the clinical arena, where they can positively impact patient health and life improvement.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is a world-renowned research center and leader in the development of genomics technology. Founded in 1890, CSHL has shaped contemporary biomedical research and education with programs in cancer, genetics, neuroscience, plant biology, and quantitative biology. CSHL has been home to eight Nobel Prize winners and today CSHL’s multidisciplinary scientific community is home to more than 600 researchers and scientists strong. CSHL’s Meetings & Courses programs hosts more than 12,000 scientists from around the world each year at its Long Island campus and its China center.